Cosmic Charlie really is a great band – you guys do this music the way it should be done: having the conversation in your own voices.
-David Gans, Grateful Dead Hour (

You guys have great style! “Dead with a twist?” And dare i say
that there have been times when I think you actually played a
song or two better than any version I ever heard the Dead do. I
try to see you every chance I get. Let the music never stop…

-Tracy Elder, Athens GA

We came to see your show at the Georgia Theatre Thursday night
and thought it really smoked! Didn’t think there was any way
you could top it. But then Friday in Atlanta it really
happened! I can’t say this song or that song really rocked
because the whole show was a total meltdown. How in the world
do you have the energy to work it up like that? We’re so
grateful to have found y’all. Thank you for a real good time!
And please play another show soon. we’re in desparate need of
some soul-soothing.

-Drew & Barb, Commerce GA

Glad to see y’all are makin it around. I’ve seen you a few
times since that first “One More Saturday Night” show and I
dunno that I could describe what y’all do for me. Anyway, if you
need any help with the website, let me know.

-Dave Rosenberg

Caught your show at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh last Friday
night, and it was AWESOME! A really good ‘Bertha’ (always a
great set-opener), and particularly poignant ‘Ramble on Rose’
and ‘Brown Eyed Women’. It’s really very hard to describe the
feeling I got from your music; I certainly haven’t felt it since
before Jerry died, and not that often even then. The positive
energy at your show was unbelievable. I won’t miss another
opportunity to catch you guys if you’re in the area.

-Ken Byrd, Durham NC

I had such a great time… I always do at your shows. I love
your energy… and I love how I always have a huge smile on my
face the whole time and leave feeling sooo good and tired from
dancin 🙂

-Lauren Pleasants, Winston Salem NC

For God and country! For the sake of the Grateful Dead fans! I
implore you. Play boys, PLAY!!!

-Tom Berger, Atlanta GA

Hey I saw ya’ll at Van Hoy…Would love to know where I can see
ya’ll in the future. I am the chick that was front and center
dancing my butt off Sunday night!!!
-Chelle Pritchett, Greensboro NC

Hello Cosmic Charlie, enjoyed your show at Stella Blue on 8/3!!
Thanks! My friend Stephen thought that your “Shakedown Street”
was the best version he’s heard, it was so righteous that he
asked your keyboardist to cut him a tape. Just following up…

-Marty Melody, Asheville NC

I saw you tonight at The Brewery–you kicked ass–I’ll
definitely see you next week in Chapel Hill!!

-Eric Silver, Raleigh NC

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